Aveo Bridge To The Northern Lights

This is a very accomplished debut from Seattle's Aveo. Rarely can a band so young in their career pull off a great combination of catchy songs with complex and intelligent arrangements. Jangly guitars, unique drum rhythms and soaring vocals by William Wison make Bridge To The Northern Lights a compelling listen. Inspirations are not easily flushed out, as their sound is quite unique. The closest sonic cousin to Aveo could be England's Gene. Although not as obvious as Gene in their homage to the Smiths, I'm guessing Aveo must have been exposed to Manchester's finest at some point in their formative years of adolescence. Wilson's voice certainly does swoon like the Mozzer's throughout the disc. Elsewhere on the album, "Neverhome" has a structure strikingly similar to Belle and Sebastian's "If You're Feeling Sinister," although not as delicate. Loose comparisons aside, this is a debut Aveo can be proud of. Aveo's sound is well-rounded, unique and benefits from the production help of Phil Ek, whose prior work includes Unwound, Built To Spill and Modest Mouse. Overall, this is a dandy guitar pop record worth keeping an eye out for. (Barsuk)