The Autumns Le Carillon

.A.'s the Autumns deliver a great new four-song EP, which showcases their expertise at mellow retro-pop. Growing up on an appetite of UK indie bands, like the Smiths and the Trash Can Sinatras, the Autumns have developed their own unique brand of pop - music that combines the spirit of '50s love ballads with jangly Rickenbacker guitar sounds and soft, romantic vocals. David Lynch would definitely approve. Having previously worked with producer, 4AD stalwart and Cocteau Twins guitarist Simon Raymonde, it comes as no surprise that they can create great atmospheric music. With production now handled by Andy Prickett, the Autumns' sound still shimmers and is quite catchy. "Thieves In Blue" and "Slow Kiss" are very emotional tracks, with great vocal melodies. This new EP is a bit of departure from their more musically intense past and seems to be a more positive direction for the band. A full-length album is expected this year, in addition to a three-inch CD featuring covers of the Smiths and Nick Drake (surprise, surprise). Until then, this nicely packaged EP will have to suffice. (Absalom)