Autumn Still Autumn Still

Autumn StillAutumn Still
The debut EP from Autumn Still is a dreamy pop affair that evokes the empty, windswept spaces of the band's hometown Winnipeg. Made up of veterans from a number of local projects (Sit Down Tracy and Roger's Arsenal, among others), the band demonstrate a solid sense of self, especially for a debut. With airy vocals and a mellow, meandering pace to the music, the three songs here dance in a manner reminiscent of ice crystals and snow blowing in the dusky glow outside of living room windows.

The sense of urgency that comes only at the end of closing track "Our Last" manages to convey a sense of cabin fever, and that something needs to happen, but just what it might be is never quite resolved. Certainly, Autumn Still have crafted a lovely debut that leaves the listener wondering just what comes next. If they can develop their sound and songwriting, it will be interesting to see what Autumn Still are able to do with a full-length record. (Independent)