Autotune Ladyshaker

With roller-skates and disco shorts on the cover, this ten-track collection takes a glide through late '70s/early '80s funk, housing up samples from various classic tunes. This crew's brand of filter-house isn't anything new to those that have been listening to the very vogue Dimitri From Paris, or Chicago DJs like Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak, who innovated this retro-fetish sound half a decade ago, but it's fun in a jumpy kind of way. They also have a distinctive way of taking these grooves and spiking them up with a sweet, psychedelic vibe. The acidic "wahs" on "Lady Choice" and "Diskowar" breathe a youthful, slightly rave-y attitude into their old school breaks. The energy on "Funkmachine" and "Daily Funk" is much more manic and minimal, while "Starship" proves to be the most original of the lot, with the staple groove lifted off of that disco cover that Meco did back in the day for the Star Wars theme - Tie-fighter effects and sound-bites from Princess Leia included. (Müller)