Autechre Quaristice

The first and most notable difference in Quaristicecompared to other Autechre albums is the 20 tracks, each at an average of three minutes. Previous albums such as LP5 and Amber commonly featured eight- or nine-minute journeys exploring the worlds the tracks created. This affects the album a great deal, with cohesiveness dispatched as they bound between minimal, techno, glitchy, ambient and warped tracks without pause. Despite the rapid transitions, they curiously still manage to create small worlds of soundscapes, each unique in design but for the most part, as developed as any of their lengthier works. From the softly echoing "Parallel Suns” to the frenzied "chenc9,” from the more traditional structures of "The Plc” and "Tankakern” to experimental noise collaborations such as "Fol3,” Brown and Booth realise a collection of beautiful but disjointed music that combines together solely by the fact that almost every track is Autechre at their best in one capacity or another. (Warp)