Want to Press Your Own Vinyl at Home? Check Out This Kickstarter

Want to Press Your Own Vinyl at Home? Check Out This Kickstarter
If you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to press your own vinyl at home, an Australian inventor may be able to help you out with that. Through a Kickstarter campaign, Paul Butler Tayar has been developing a so-called Desktop Record Cutter to help "democratize the cutting process" by putting those duties in the hands of music fans.

The Desktop Record Cutter (or DRC) is being prepared by Tayar and the team at Machina Pro, with the machine utilizing a "turn-key" stereo cutting system that allows users to plug in their own audio and have a plate of vinyl etched in minutes. On the fundraising page, you'll find a detailed diagram explaining some of the functions and parts of the machine, which uses a tone-arm, high-torque motor, precision microscope and more to get the job done.

Also on Kickstarter, you'll also find a couple test-run videos.

"By supporting this project, you will be helping to bring a physical music medium back to the mainstream," Tayar said in a statement. "I foresee a [high resolution] digital music player in our pockets (or implanted in our teeth), along with an analogue, vinyl centric system at home."

With a prototype already in existence, the project is currently seeking $10,000 Australian in funds to help expand on the infrastructure and to help keep the price point down if it makes it to market. The goal is currently to sell the DRC for $6,500, but that price will be lower depending on the results of the Kickstarter campaign.

Learn a whole lot more about the project here.

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