Austra "Spellwork" (video)

Austra 'Spellwork' (video)
Let's face it, it's pretty cold outside, but Toronto-based electro-goth outfit Austra's Katie Stelmanis isn't letting that stop her from taking part in some weird-ass rituals in the group's new video for Feel it Break track "Spellwork."

Director Yelena Yemchuk shot the clip in Egberts Lake Park, NJ, and describes her work as a "surreal fairy tale," which is apt, to say the least. Of its many oddities, the woodsy video includes a sensually sloppy watermelon eating competition, a game of broken telephone, a scene with some sort of papier-mâché-domed Dick Tracy/Guy Fawkes hybrid, lots of horse-riding, and a leaf-disturbing pogo party.

Check out the chilly clip below for tips on how to weird out the locals at your neighbourhood park. Just don't forget to bring your eeriest cloak.