Austerity Program Black Madonna

As Hydra Head’s popularity and relevance continue to expand exponentially, it seems their signings become less and less concerned with record sales or tapping into the trends of the day. The Austerity Program’s wholly unmarketable approach allows the material to speak for itself, although the tracks being christened either "Untitled” or randomly chosen numbers in no conspicuous order may irritate some listeners. Musically, the group is no more accessible. Although elements are drawn from tech metal and post-rock, to a degree, and an under-mixed drum machine hammering away in the background will no doubt incite lazy comparisons to Godflesh, the ensuing chaos defies categorisation. Certainly not for everyone, but an intriguing offering and yet another smack in the face from Turner and co. to the commercial metal industry. It’s best that the curious investigate for themselves. (Hydra Head)