Augury's Concealed Debut Gets Reissue Treatment

Augury's <i>Concealed</i> Debut Gets Reissue Treatment
Over the past decade, Quebecois technical death metal unit Augury have become one of the genre's more respected bands thanks to their union of an overtly prodigious attack with compelling riffs and beastly undertone. Unfortunately, however, because of their humble independent beginnings, some earlier music has become increasingly difficult to track down.

Looking to remedy that situation, the fine folks at Canadian-based label Sonic Unyon have announced that they will re-release Augury's debut full-length, 2004's Concealed, on March 8.

At that, they plan to raise the ante, revealing that the entire affair will be updated via complete remastering and the addition two bonus tracks from a successive 2006 demo. Revised packaging (see above) also finds this version issued in a custom digipak format designed by Sven De Calluwe of death metal behemoths Aborted.

Recorded with Yannick St-Amand (Martyr, Unexpect) and mixed by Jean-Francois Dagenais (Katyklysm, Misery Index) in 2004, Concealed's popularity and reverence eventually led to a deal with prestigious metal gurus Nuclear Blast Records, a relationship that has continued up to and including the band's latest work, 2009's acclaimed Fragmentary Evidence.

Concealed reissue:

1. "Beatus"
2. "...Ever Know Peace Again"
3. "Cosmic Migration"
4. "Nocebo"
5. "Alien Shores"
6. "In Russian Dolls Universes'
7. "Becoming God"
8. "The Lair Of Purity"
9. "From Eden Estranged"
10. "...As Sea Devours Land"
11. "Skyless" (Bonus Track - 2006 demo)
12. "Faith Puppeteers" (Bonus Track - 2006 demo)