Audio Push The Stone Junction

Audio Push The Stone Junction
Right on the heels of their February release, Inside the Vibe, California duo Audio Push drop their fast-paced commercial debut, The Stone Junction. A sonic departure from the pair's past projects, the EP marries the skilful flow Audio Push fans are used to with energetic, albeit formulaic production that, while predictable, makes it hard to sit still.
The project starts off strong with "BBQ Spot," a hard-hitting track worthy of the club with social commentary well suited to the lecture hall. Push emcees Oktane and Price float effortlessly over producer Slade Da Monsta's furious hi-hats, and the bass hits you pleasantly in the chest.
From there, Junction maintains its stride, with infectious hooks, dizzying cadences and glossy production from start to finish. Guests like South Central artist BMACTHEQUEEN ("Servin'") and Texas baritone Trae the Truth ("Hard") bring just the right touch to the EP, adding flair without stepping on Audio Push's toes.
The project is so seamless that it's almost difficult to choose a standout song, but "Vámanos," featuring XXL freshman Kap G, manages to be slightly catchier than the rest with its quick, memorable chorus and sharp production from Izze the Producer. It's a certified booty-jiggler.
"Bring the Noise" is another track that commands attention, with a beautifully chaotic beat that will have you involuntarily screwing your face. It's fitting, as Toronto native Wondagurl is at the helm for this one.
While the The Stone Junction is solid, though, the overall sound is too trendy to be remembered. Lyrically, Junction is a step down from some of Audio Push's past efforts and the mainstream, temporary feel of the production might disappoint fans who prefer the duo's more enduring tracks like 2013's "Shine." Junction is great entertainment for now, but it may not be unique enough to stand the test of time. (Independent)