Auburn Lull Cast From the Platform

The sound of Auburn Lull suits their name perfectly. Imagine if you will an American Slowdive, or perhaps a male-fronted Mazzy Star, that will give you a very good idea of the sort of luscious ramblings this band has up its sleeve. In a time where musical dissonance has again become king, the band looks back to a sound that was much more prevalent in the mid- to late ’90s and makes it fresh and enchanting all over again. All 11 tracks on this latest effort are delicate but rich landscapes of tone and melody complete with gentle, perfectly "effected” vocals to match. Auburn Lull plays the type of music you would hear in lullabies sung from heaven — cavernous sonic adventures that unveil something new every time you close your eyes and let their soft harmonic melodies embrace you. Their delirious spacescapes are evolved from a joining of drums and heavily reverberated guitars with synthesisers and samples and loops. Cast From the Platform is a glorious disc to drift and dream right along side with. (Darla)