Au Revoir Simone Ready New Album For May Release

Au Revoir Simone Ready New Album For May Release
Synth-minded Brooklynites Au Revoir Simone have announced they're returning with a new full-length. Dubbed Still Night, Still Light, this follow-up to their 2007 The Bird of Music LP is set for a May 19 debut, promising to deliver a starker, more "elemental" sound from the trio, as well as a newfound "thematic cohesion."

The record is coming by way of the trio's Our Secret Recording Company imprint and with Thom Monahan (Pernice Brothers, Little Joy) producing. According to the PR, "Gone are the bells and whistles of The Bird of Music, and in their place is a stark closeness, as if hearing a secret from someone you love for the first time. It's a record that details reflection, seeking, questioning and losing one's place on the page while looking for the right way home." In less flowery language, the album is basically composed of just keyboards, drum machine and voice, and supposedly offers some of the Au Revoir Simone's quietest moments and some their most rambunctious.

On the live front, the band are playing this year's SXSW in Austin and a yet-to-be-announced North American tour is to follow this spring.

Here are the tracks that will make up Still Night, Still Light:

1. "Another Likely Story"
2. "Shadows"
3. "All or Nothing"
4. "Knight of Wands"
5. "The Last One"
6. "Trace a Line"
7. "Only You Can Make You Happy"
8. "Take Me as I Am"
9. "Anywhere You Looked"
10. "Organized Scenery"
11. "We Are Here"
12. "Tell Me"