Attention Record Labels: Propagandhi Looking for New Deal

Attention Record Labels: Propagandhi Looking for New Deal
Considering ever-dwindling record sales, it's no surprise that political punks Propagandhi are reconsidering releasing their own albums. While in the past their G7 Welcoming Committee label has co-released Propagandhi records, along with help at different times from Fat Wreck Chords and the now-defunct Smallman, the costs of getting a physical product out there are too much for the Winnipeg-based band to handle on their own, forcing the independent act to now look for a new record label.

A post on Propagandhi's website this morning (November 4) has band leader Chris Hannah explaining that the group can't go it alone.

"Don't make us do it ourselves," he says in the statement. "We've all seen what happens when we're left in charge of things. I know, the industry is in a tailspin and the relevance of the label-band relationship is more in question than it ever has been, but there are still some things a band like us needs to make it work smoothly."

Currently coming off the thrashing, prog-punk career highlight Supporting Caste, not to mention gearing up for their upcoming split release with metalheads Sacrifice, Propagandhi should have no problem stirring up interest for their next platter. That being said, the group are only considering serious offers. Don't just write them saying you could put out a disc for them if you don't have the savvy to help them out.

"We've had enthusiastic, but vague inquiries from a few labels and we really appreciate that. But we're not looking for vague. We're not looking for nebulous 'what do you guys want?' inquiries," Hannah continues. "We're looking for a strong, specific, enthusiastic offer that lays out in detail what your organization will do for us in exchange for releasing what will certainly be our wildest record yet."

While there is no word on when the outfit will record the follow-up to Supporting Caste, we hope someone can give the Canuck group the support they need. One thing's for sure, though: one-time business partner Fat Mike won't be the one that comes to Propagandhi's rescue. There's still some bad blood between the group and the Fat Wreck Chords camp.