The Attack Of Nostalgia and Rebellion

From the ashes of Orlando, FL ska outfit the Spitvalves comes the Attack, a one-time side-project that eventually become singer Charlie Bender and drummer Tito Esquiaqui's main focus. Playing melodic hardcore in the vein of seminal groups like H20 and Lifetime, the Attack also unveil a steady influence of street punk with their use of brash power chords and layered gang vocals. The chord progression and chorus in "Matters" are borrowed from the Bouncing Souls, where "Prove It" is a barrage of gut busting, straight-ahead hardcore, complete with standard breakdowns, and "Man Down" showcases the band's penchant for harmonizing with one another's gruff voices. The Attack are just trying to make some honest, true to the cause punk rock, and Of Nostalgia and Rebellion is a worthy testament to that ethos. (Independent)