Atmosphere "Just for Show" (video)

Atmosphere 'Just for Show' (video)
Highbrow hip-hoppers Atmosphere announced their upcoming record, The Family Sign, at the beginning of February, but up until now, we hadn't really heard any new tunes from the crew. New single "Just for Show" pumps out deceptively upbeat ska rhythms, but the song and its accompanying video are depressing as hell. The track finds Slug spitting about his relationship problems, but the canine-focused clip is even more heartbreaking.

A gorgeous golden retriever gets the bum rush from his adoptive human family, who just plum don't think he's cute anymore. The little dude peeks into the kitchen at dinner time, but the family shake their heads in between bites of spaghetti and shame him to his outdoor realm. They would also rather play a little post-meal Wii than with the lovable pooch. He reminisces on his puppy days where he enjoyed some major cuddle time, but eventually eats up the family's flower garden and digs his way to freedom.

Unfortunately, life is just as tough on the outside, as the dog gets food flicked at him by some random dudes and some asshole even kicks the dog of a public bench despite the fact that there was an empty seat just steps away. Goldy, as we're calling him now, envisions his family picking him up from this urban nightmare, but the mirage vanishes and he's left to roam the streets alone. Life sucks sometimes.

As previously reported, Atmosphere's The Family Sign drops April 12 via Rhymesayers.