Atlas Sound Two Halloween Dances

Atlas Sound <i>Two Halloween Dances</i>
I can't think of a better songwriter out there today who I'd rather hear throw together a two-song EP in the spirit of Halloween than Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound and Deerhunter. I know I continue to give his online charity (read: blog) attention but the fact of the matter is that he dude is like a musical Santa Claus who continues to give away better music than most bands try to sell, and that's worth recognizing.

Atlas Sound's latest batch is a pair of mostly instrumentals he's titled Two Halloween Dances. Cox has always had a rather spooky undertone to his music — I've always sensed some kind of supernatural presence lurking in his studio — and here it comes out to haunt in full effect.

I hesitate to call "Danse Infernale" an instrumental because Cox does use vocals but refrains from lyrics and simply swishes notes around in his mouth to the casually hopping guitar-led jingle, which I could see being effective in accompanying film of a kitten attacking a ball of yarn.

"Danse Macabre" is a very modern take on the "dance of death," which uses bells and/or xylophone to accentuate the gentle strum of the guitars and a rhythm built from a spinning cycle of electronically-produced beats and sub-bass. Methinks this one may be the result of Atlas Sound's recent tour with Stereolab.

Not the scary, flipped-out shit Cox could easily muster up but two pieces with eerie charm well worth a spin today in celebration of Devil's Night while you're torching a garbage can and tomorrow, when you're robbing those bratty, overaged teens of their pillow cases full of candy corns and caramels.

Atlas Sound Two Halloween Dances