Atlas Sound Bedroom Databank Vol. 3

Atlas Sound <i>Bedroom Databank Vol. 3</i>
Like we said yesterday (November 23), Deerhunter's Bradford Cox has gone back to his old share-everything ways. Following Atlas Sound's Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, he's given us, yes, Vol. 3.

Like the last two volumes, this one comes via the Deerhunter blog, and you can download it here

Now let's just hope some tech-savvy kid doesn't go raiding Cox's files again and ruin all this for everyone.

Bedroom Databank Vol. 3:

1. "Mona Lisa (Version 1)"
2. "Yards of Silk"
3. "I Can't Take It"
4. "Border Agents"
5. "Indian Bitrate"
6. "Moonroof"
7. "Crossriver"
8. "Comet 8"
9. "Drums & Pissing"
10. "Western Shirt"
11. "Notown Phase"
12. "Dream Color"
13. "Mona Lisa (Alt. Version)"
14. "Epilogue"