Atlas Sound Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Atlas Sound <i>Bedroom Databank Vol. 2</i>
Well, it looks as if Bradford Cox is up to his old tricks again. Following yesterday's (November 22) release of Bedroom Databank Vol. 1, the Deerhunter mouth piece is back with another free Atlas Sound release.

This one is dubbed Bedroom Databank Vol. 2, and via the Deerhunter blog, he's freely shared the release.

See the tracklist below and download the collection for free here.

Bedroom Databank Vol. 2:

1. "Pilot Light"

2. "Strange Parade"

3. "Stationary Blood"

4. "La Luna"

5. "Day Out"

6. "Heatwave"

7. "Change Is Good"

8. "Mouth of the Desert"

9. "Autumn Intro Cascading Into University Courtyard"

10. "Town Center"

11. "Helio Intro"

12. "Summer Edit"

13. "Willful"

14. "Wintergreen Sketch"

15. "Oceanview"

16. "Here Comes the Trains"