Atlas Sound Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Atlas Sound <i>Bedroom Databank Vol. 1</i>
It's been a while since Deerhunter/Atlas Sound mastermind Bradford Cox released music for free on the Deerhunter blog. You can hardly blame him; after all, he's been busy promoting Deerhunter's latest LP, the outstanding Halcyon Digest.

But Cox has now returned to his Atlas Sound solo project, and today (November 22), he posted Bedroom Databank Vol. 1, an 11-song collection mostly recorded within the past week. It includes covers of Kurt Vile ("Freak Train") and Bob Dylan and the Band ("This Wheel's on Fire").

See the tracklist below and download the collection for free here.

Bedroom Databank Vol. 1:

1. "Green Glass Bottles"
2. "These Were My Walls"
3. "Wild Love"
4. "Lanterns"
5. "New Romantic"
6. "Cynics Recourse"
7. "Freak Train"
8. "Afternoon Drive"
9. "Hotel Orlando"
10. "This Wheel's on Fire"
11. "Postcard"