Atlas Sound Amsterdam Midi

Atlas Sound <i>Amsterdam Midi</i>
It’s nice to see an unhealthy touring commitment and overwhelming demand both on Atlas Sound and Deerhunter’s part hasn’t stopped Bradford Cox from maintaining his blog and keeping devotees amused and elated with random road recordings.

Cox’s ambition is remarkable — if only every artist had the energy, drive and heart to keep such a thing going, be it for free or a minimal charge. While on tour in the Netherlands, Cox found some time to whip together some brand new material that began with the trippy self-explanatory jam, "A Lullaby from the Netherlands.”

Described as a "virtual seven-inch,” Amsterdam Midi is fronted by the dreamy "Balcony,” which we have no reason to believe wasn’t recorded on the balcony of his accommodations. The looped guitars flutter like insects in slow motion on a BBC doc, while the programmed electronic beats, pump in and out without giving any sort of predictable rhythm, and a warped analog synth barely manages to breath out melodies. The b-side "Canal” is a little less intriguing, as it sounds merely like Cox taking his new synthesiser software for a test run. But like a lot of his postings, there are some that hit, and some that miss. No need to complain…

Atlas Sound Amsterdam Midi (Download)