Atheretic Apocalyptic Nature Fury

A band that have shared members with both Quo Vadis and Augury over the years, Quebec tech/death metallers Atheretic make another huge step forward with their sophomore effort. Currently a quartet, rooted by the absolutely awesome rhythm section of bassist Dominic Lapointe (who sounds like he’s enjoyed a few Atheist albums in the past) and grind demon Jean-Sebastian Gagnon on drums, this nine-song effort is the best Canadian death metal album I’ve heard so far this year, and right up there with the new Misery Signals and Zyklon albums as a must have for fans of the genre. Technically proficient and devastatingly brutal, chalk up another winner from Galy, who have definitely been on the right track the past few years as far as discovering Canada’s most engaging young new metal acts. (Galy)