Atheretic Apocalyptic Nature Fury

The sophomore effort from Montreal’s Atheretic sees the band moving forward with the poise and complexity of a seasoned technical death metal act. They draw from a predominantly North American death metal influence, bursting into the occasional Suffocation groove or fret-board manoeuvre with the vitriolic sting of Cannibal Corpse, unafraid to flirt with the complicated nature of Gorguts’ Obscura-era rhythms and tech-expertise, all the while living up to the intensity of the album title. The musicianship is mind-boggling at points, oft forsaking any sensible song structure for a dance with cochlear chaos. The production lends itself to the madness, translating each layer in concert but heavily focused in the guitars guiding the album. The bass is also a strong presence in the sound, the tone as well as notation coming across with a Steve DiGiorgio-like flair. Yet another name to add to the long list of Quebec’s finest, there is a possibility Atheretic may be lost amongst the giants of their provincial pedigree. (Galy)