Atach Tatuq Deluxxx

While the rest of the country has been looking to Toronto, the two coasts, and little in-between, Montreal has been steadily producing a serious back-catalogue of Franco-hop. While the language issue is an obvious barrier, the sprawling, bi-lingual hip-hop collective known as Atach Tatuq might just be the people to break down the wall. Boasting some serious beats from their deep stable of producers and DJs, you "Canadanglos” will, of course, turn first to joints like "What Are Friendz For?” featuring an English verse from Loe Pesci and some hot Franco spitting from Dee (a female MC on par with Eternia). The album’s strongest efforts, though, are French, as on "L'Homme déçu,” featuring Khyro, and on "La Symphonie d'ma discorde intérieure” with Egypto, which you’ll like even if you can’t remember your je, tu, ils and elles. (Dollartone)