At The Mercy of Inspiration Gone Are The Days

While utilising many of the same stylistic devices as the modern metalcore crop, Toronto local mainstays At The Mercy Of Inspiration take pretty much everything up a notch. The breakdowns are well-placed, the time changes are fluid and consistent, and the fleeting melodic interludes maintain a respectable level of oppressive ambience. The intensity level is through the roof, and given additional punch by the skimpy running time — it's quite literally over before you can pick your jaw up off the floor. The production is crisp, and the mix, while a bit synthetic and treble heavy for my liking, is well balanced. My one complaint is with the Zao-esque, throaty rasp of vocalist Andre Zodorozny. His performance succumbs to the same pitfalls as many emulating this style (Haste The Day, Society's Finest) — it suits the music well enough, but lacks power or dynamics. The musicianship, however, more than makes up for this shortcoming and renders negative comparisons irrelevant. For a four-track, self-released EP, this has left an indelible impression on me, and considering the escalating popularity of this style, it's all uphill for ATMOI from here. Assuming, that is, that they stick around long enough to scrape together a full-length. (Independent)