Asthmatic Kitty Releases Two Albums For Free

Asthmatic Kitty Releases Two Albums For Free
Long known as the home of Sufjan Stevens, record label Asthmatic Kitty has come into its own lately with quality releases from My Brightest Diamond, Castanets, Shapes & Sizes and many more. On top of their dedication to innovative music, the label is attentive to presenting their material in innovative ways. Case in point are the two free albums available from Asthmatic Kitty artists Grampall Jookabox and Chris Schlarb.

There’s no Radiohead-style donation box either. Fans can choose to stream the records or download the MP3s for free. The first is Rill Bruh, an EP from the experimental folkie leading up to his sophomore full-length due in November. The second is a hip-hop-heavy remix of Chris Schlarb’s experimental Interoceans full-length. Featuring contributions from Jel, Ellul, Greg Davis and many others, the album promises to be full of clicky hip-hop goodness.

Both records can be found on the Asthmatic Kitty site.

Grampall Jookabox - Rill Bruh:

1. "The Girl Ain't Preggers”
2. "Ponta (Deppchef Remix)”
3. "Peace Attack”
4. "Air Penance”
5. "That Steamboat Gothic Stomp”
6. "Tic Tac Sumac (Future Rapper/ Liz Janes Remix)”
7. "Bad Wis My 'Sploder”
8. "That Steamboat Gothic Stomp (Ero Remix)”

Chris Schlarb - Interoceans Remixed:

1. "Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)”
2. "Interoceans II (Jel Remix with Awol One and Serengeti)”
3. "Interoceans III (Ellul Remix with Radioinactive)”
4. "Interoceans IV (Omid Remix with Gajah and Bizzart)”
5. "Interoceans I (Sugarghost Remix)”
6. "Interoceans II (Strategy Remix)”
7. "Interoceans III (Badun Remix)”
8. "Interoceans IV (Greg Davis Remix)”