Ashrae Fax Reissue 'Static Crash' via Mexican Summer, Reunite for New Album

Ashrae Fax Reissue 'Static Crash' via Mexican Summer, Reunite for New Album
Electro-minded North Carolina act Ashrae Fax's 2003 album Static Crash was originally released on homemade CD-Rs, and it has since been reissued on cassette and in a sold-out vinyl run of 300. Now, Mexican Summer has got on board for a new reissue on June 25. The label will subsequently re-release the group's entire discography, along with a new album.

Static Crash, now a little over a decade old, is the band's most recent album. To celebrate the reissue, the duo of Renee Mendoza and Alex Chesney have reconvened for some upcoming live shows in their home state.

A press release compares Static Crash to artists like Kate Bush, Dif Juz, the Durutti Column, and Siouxsie & the Banshees. The album is said to be "one of the most gorgeous collections of Gothic ethereal pop/noise of its kind to rise from the American underground in decades."

Word of the album has begun to spread in recent years, and the hype paved the way for this reissue. There are no details regarding Mexican Summer's plan to release the rest of Ashrae Fax's discography, in addition to a new album, but expect more news to emerge in due course.

Scroll past the tracklist to stream Static Crash's "Pointbreak."

Static Crash:

1. Unndup
2. Daddystitch
3. Pointbreak
4. Ultravaca
5. Uprlxrq
6. Armpit
7. Dynamite Dust
8. Ectome