ASC Out of Sync

ASCOut of Sync
ASC (aka James Clements) recently garnered much attention with his Nothing is Certain album and excellent Porcelain twelve-inch (both released on Nonplus, in 2010 and 2009, respectively), but he's been active on the underground hardcore and breakbeat scene since the mid-'90. Now based in San Diego, CA, the UK-raised producer expertly juxtaposes ambient soundscapes with bass music, filtering classic electronica sounds through some definite post-Burial bass tonalities in what has become known as "autonomic sound." Out of Sync is his debut album on Samurai Music's Red Seal, an imprint owned by New Zealander DJ Presha. Just over an hour long, Clements sculpts a sumptuous soundscape of samples, ambience and bass music that comfortably links '90s IDM to the current post-dubstep scene. The album consists of 11 tracks, three of which were released this summer on a sampler twelve-inch, and a bonus hidden track, the presence of which somewhat dates Clements. Out of Sync is a masterfully produced album of great subtlety that becomes quite hypnotic, making for a great headphone-listening experience. (Samurai Red Seal)