As Tall As Lions Lafcadio

Passionate songwriting and excellent musicianship propel this debut record by Long Island’s As Tall As Lions beyond the traditional sound and format of many of the bands from their scene. While still an "emo” band in many respects, the songs that compose Lafcadio are far more sophisticated than any traditional emo fare; with songwriting rooted strongly in the era of ’70s prog rock, the band’s melodies strike a chord similar to Coheed and Cambria with a poppier edge. The atmosphere created by lead guitarist Saen Fitzgerald and producer Sean O’Keefe aids in bringing the whole record to a new level, while the use of piano on tracks like the stirring "Silhouettes/Silhouetting” showcase the band’s innovative spirit at it’s best. The record’s grand finale, "Goodnite, Noises Everywhere,” brings each of these elements together, for a mesmerising, suitable finish. (Triple Crown)