As the Poets Affirm The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch

Apparently, people forgot to tell the world about the burgeoning post-rock scene appearing in Ottawa. Along with forbearers Kepler and peers My Dad Vs. Yours, there are some beguiling things happening in our nation’s capital. Expanding leaps and bounds from the their album, As the Poets Affirm exude the confidence and deft touch that allow for great music to happen, and indeed there is much to be celebrated here. "Orange Car Crash” easily fills the room with tension thanks to its undulating guitar and scattershot tempo, while "Portrait: Levity May Call” is a scorching cacophony of guitars that will have the most ardent GY!BE fan bobbing their head in appreciation. Energy aside, "The Snick-Berry Switch” is an exercise in restrained beauty, allowing its lounging violin and shuffling drums to intoxicate the listener. Of course, the proverbial snag comes in the closer "Where the Flowers Should Be,” which starts promising and wonderfully explodes about five minutes in, and then just simply disappears abruptly. For an album of such planned splendour, they seem to crap out on the last track, which is quite a shame. In the end, though, Poets have made leaps and bounds from their last album, showing ambition beyond their means, and slowly but surely making a strong little name for themselves. Affirm, indeed. (Independent)