As I Lay Dying This Is Who We Are

As I Lay DyingThis Is Who We Are
Metalcore giants As I Lay Dying have finally gotten around to creating a DVD in between their frantic touring schedule and album releases. This Is Who We Are encompasses their existence as a band from their beginning playing church basements, when they were known as A Life Once Lost and had a different line-up, save for Tim Lambesis (vocals) and Jordan Mancino (drums), to their current incarnation. The first disc documentary of the band chronicles their creation and every band member alteration that has taken place; it also depicts what it takes to make it for some bands. While the documentary proves to be a great source of entertainment, the second DVD, This Is Who We Are: Live Progression, is somewhat repetitive, showcasing AILD live at a variety of venues and over different periods of time, much like the first disc. And disc three, This Is Who We Are: Music Videos & Bonus Features, is only as great as watching music videos that fans of the band have already seen. For such a long wait this release doesn't live up to what it should be, and isn't recommended to anyone who isn't a huge fan of the band; even then This Is Who We Are is a tough sell. (Metal Blade)