Arts & Crafts Open Mexico Office

Arts & Crafts Open Mexico Office
Arts & Crafts, the reputable Canadian indie boutique responsible for introducing Broken Social Scene, Feist, and many others to the world, have opened an office in Mexico City. Perhaps in an effort to take over the world, the label will begin by releasing A&C classics in Mexico, and likely sign some artists of their own [might I suggest the very BSS-friendly, Dave Newfeld-produced Chikita Violenta – ed].

Arts & Crafts Mexico’s inaugural releases will include Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot It In People and Broken Social Scene, Kevin Drew’s Spirit If…, Brendan Canning’s Something For All Of Us…, Los Campesinos!’ Hold On Now, Youngster…, The Stills’ Oceans Will Rise, Constantines’ Kensington Heights, and Stars’ In Our Bedroom After The War. Don’t worry, though – this isn’t a General Motors style shut-down. The Canadian A&C office in Toronto will remain fully functional.

(Please note: the above logo is not the actual Arts & Crafts Mexico logo but an amusingly clever mock-up by Exclaim!'s Associate Editor.)

Chikita Violenta "War” (Seriously Arts & Crafts, sign these guys!)
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