Artimus Pyledriver Artimus Pyledriver

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson fronts the earliest incarnation of Nashville Pussy when they were in that I’m A Man phase. How could that ever be bad? It isn’t. In fact, it’s such a kick to the cajones, one has to smile while wincing in pain. This Southern-fried boogie metal (who else can come up with the whole biker/groove thing other than frustrated Bible-Belters?) comes with a big, fat chunk of metal shoved right up its ass. Hell, most metal bands would evacuate said metallic brick when this band came anywhere near ’em. Then again, when your band’s actually named in homage to a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd (drummer Artimus Pyle for the curious), you’re pretty much exuding the South more than KFC and Jim Beam-fuelled raccoon hunts. With this eponymous effort though, it’s all about the cocksure swagger and pelvic lunge — as brought on by some sort of overbearing muscle car, mind you. Speaking of cock, one feels compelled to compare this to the distant dream of Cocknoose actually learning how to play and scrounging more than spare change for their recording budget. Even then though, it would never come close. (DRT)