Arthur Oskan vs. Spiral Into The Storm New York City People EP

Toronto, ON artists Arthur Oskan and Spiral Into The Storm (aka Will Skol) each create their own unique versions of two tracks ("Sun Squall" and "New York City People"), painting an audio picture rich in juxtaposition. Quick background information: Oskan (also known as Myers Briggs) produces music laden with textures. His tunes have appeared on compilations by Renaissance and Platipus, and he's renowned in MUTEK circles. Will Skol was raised on Queen Street West in the '90s and helped form groove-oriented act Transformantra, which split before the turn of the century. As Spiral Into The Storm, he's worked with Toronto techno producer Mike Gibbs and jazz/R&B vocalist Julie Mahendran. The EP's first track, "Sun Squall" (Oskan's mix), warmly explicates the high notes of a resonating psychedelic-style guitar against a melodic trance backdrop. Spiral Into The Storm's version of "New York City People" feels cloudy and urbanized, somehow suitable for city streets where people are too cool to talk to each other. Oskan's beats are rich and emotive, while Spiral Into The Storm's are minimal and detached. These artists have created a record that covers a widespread and varied area of music and emotions. (Decibel Palace)