Art Brut's Eddie Argos Becomes Comics Columnist, Forms More Bands

Art Brut's Eddie Argos Becomes Comics Columnist, Forms More Bands
If you’ve ever seen Art Brut live, you’ll know front-man Eddie Argos is a man who’s comfortable in his own skin. Dude will whip out one goofy move after another, digging into an arsenal of theatrics like skipping rope, running laps and mimicking erectile dysfunction. It’s all often very un-rock’n’roll, yet all very entertaining, proving Argos could really give a shit about if you think he’s cool or not, which actually is pretty rock’n’roll now that you think of it. Well, it now seems Argos is just as equally unconcerned with his cool factor offstage as he is on, with him beginning to dabble in one of the most nerdish of arts: comics.

Argos has taken up a gig as a regular contributor for the St. Louis-based website PLAYBACK:stl, where he digs into finer points of Batman, Captain America and independent comics in his new column "Pow! To the People!” He’s penned about four of the things so far (which can be read here) and he apparently has a bunch more on the way. So why would a British rock star want to write for some little-known U.S. website? "I started writing this column because I was promised free comics,” says Argos in his second column. Fair enough.

However, Argos has by no means given up his musical day job. In fact, along with Art Brut he’s now balancing two other bands. One, which we told you about earlier, is Glam Chops, his "orthodox glam rock outfit,” who have yet to announce plans for an album but have often been playing live in the UK. The other is Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now, who Argos says "are correcting the mistakes of pop songs past.” Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now have reportedly been recording in the U.S. and a full-length from them is expected early next year.

On the Art Brut front, Argos said via his blog back in August that they are indeed working on album number three but the group have yet to provide any firm details on when we can expect to hear it. In the meantime, you’ll have to be content on reading his musing on being an unabashed superhero fan.

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