Art Brut Studied by German University

Art Brut Studied by German University
Art Brut singer Eddie Argos has been acknowledged for his literary prowess, though not by a songwriting award but from a university based in Berlin, Germany.

With a popularity as immense as David Hasselhoff in Germany, the singer told

"In one of the main universities in Berlin yesterday, they had a lecture about my lyrics, which is funny," he said. "It was called 'The Depressive Dandy - the Lyrics of Eddie Argos.' It's amazing I'm on the curriculum. In Germany, they think I'm an intellectual, which is ridiculous."

"They say things like 'As an intellectual Eddie, what do you think about this?' and I say 'But I'm NOT an intellectual, I'm an idiot'" he continues. "I tell them 'you think I'm much more intelligent than I am' and they think I'm being modest!'"

Despite disagreeing with their high praise for him, Argos admitted not everyone thinks he's a genius. "Yesterday though I did an interview with a lads mag and they were asking me about Pauly Shore and sex tapes and I thought, 'Brilliant, they definitely know I'm an idiot.'"

Art Brut release their second full-length, It's A Bit Complicated, in North America on June 19.

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