Art Brut Discuss Recording Art Brut vs. Satan With Frank Black

Art Brut Discuss Recording <i>Art Brut vs. Satan</i> With Frank Black
Now that it's official Frank Black will produce Art Brut's upcoming album, the Brut's Eddie Argos has shared some details on what it's like to work with a Pixie, as well as given a status update on the band's third album proper, tentatively titled Art Brut vs. Satan.

As the UK outfit were recording in Salem, OR, Argos stepped out of the studio to tell Spinner that Black has the band doing this record quick and dirty, saying that the whole thing should be wrapped up in a few weeks.

"We all think he's cool, and everyone likes the Pixies," Argos said of Black. "Why wouldn't you want him to produce your record?"

"He's amazing. That Catholics record [1998's Frank Black and the Catholics], he did it live on two tracks, with one edit. I love the fact that we are making this whole album in two weeks."

Apparently Art Brut are the type of band that usually take their sweet time laying down an album, recording parts separately as each member attempts to juggle a day job and a rock'n'roll lifestyle. Also, producer Dan Swift, who did the group's last album, It's a Bit Complicated, took a more time-consuming, "high-tech approach" than Black is, Spinner reports.

Black said of his production: "I tend to lean towards the more Miles Davis, 'Let's just put it down' kind of vibe, as opposed to the Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, factory approach - which is also legitimate - but Art Brut seem to really thrive in this kind of situation. The name of the band says it all."

As far as that working title goes, Argos said Art Brut vs. Satan is a bit of jab at record buying public, adding that the title track's chorus is: "The record-buying public, we hate them/This is Art Brut vs. Satan."

"So it's kind of about how we hate the record buying public," Argos said.

Argos didn't further elaborate on this point in the interview, nor did he give any indication of when the record may be released. But with Black being the slave driver that he is, it shouldn't be long.

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