Aroah The Last Laugh

A slice of acoustic confessionals and musings, The Last Laugh doesn’t hold enough original flourishes to throw Aroah to the top of the heap, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t memorable moments worth listening out for. Born to a Spanish father and American mother, Aroah, or Irene Tremblay to those in the know, makes Spain her home but sings in flawless English. Ranging from the traditional voice, guitar and drum rock ditties, like "Madrid” to more atmospheric, hazy elegies, such as "The Lonely Drunk,” there is a slight range here, but the songs just don’t seem fully formed enough. One song that stands above the rest is "Upside Down,” which impresses with its lazy beat and rootsy feel. Of course, the assumption behind this entire critique is that Aroah’s voice passes muster, and here it does utterly and completely. It can plainly state, lovingly emote, and even spout vitriol, as in the regretful, "Fuck Rock.” Though not enough bright moments to be overly excited about, those who love their Sarah Harmer and Kathleen Edwards, albeit with less country, will probably find at least one song they will play over and over again. (Acuarela)