Armored Saint Nod To The Old School

Armored Saint were, and still are, one of the few American pure metal bands who played rock solid, no frills, leather jacket and long hair, hole-in-the-knee denim metal and got it right. They weren't some band hopping on some trend made popular in places where they like their lager warm. They may not have been setting trends themselves, but they were setting standards for the genre back in the '80s, with forceful guitar-driven tunes that weren't quite thrash, weren't quite power metal and had no trace of punk, hardcore or glam. Armored Saint sound(ed) nothing like their contemporaries - never have and probably never will. It's all about the songs to this quintet and this collection illustrates their writing strength over the years. Included are new songs, an updated version of "March of the Saint," Robin Trower and Priest covers, live stuff, their original three-song EP from 1983 (plus a track that didn't actually make the EP), demos from 1989 and live video footage from their last tour. All of this is indicative of where one of the better true metal bands (Hammerfall doesn't count) originated. Nod to the Old School points out career highlights and gives an idea of where they just might be headed. (Metal Blade)