Armchair Cynics Killing the Romance

When first picking up this EP, I was struck with a knowing cynicism after my eyes caught sight of the name Chad Kroeger listed as a producer on the back of this album. Considering the immediate dubiousness that this band have to attempt to hurtle themselves over to prove their merit above the white noise and above the proverbial crowd of musicians who swarm us these days, these four boys from Victoria, BC have managed to show that not only are they not just a carbon copy of Nickelback, but that they also have definite potential to surpass their famed producer’s band. Although a large portion of the seven songs have definitely been nudged along by the recognisable sound, one song in particular has not only shattered any presumptions, but has shown amazing depth; both lyrically and musically. This song, "Coalmine,” is without a doubt the diamond in the rough (even more so than Aladdin in the Disney movie), and when coupled with "Swallow,” they may just be the Armchair Cynic’s saving grace. Although still at a crossroads at whether the polishing up of Kroeger was a help or a hinder, the right nurturing of this sound that is emerging from these four island boys is something that could strip away the typical crunching rock guitars being used in the typical radio friendly way to reveal this band are worthy of being called a diamond in the rough. (604)