Arling & Cameron We Are A&C

Dutch popsters Arling and Cameron made sure they covered every possible sound of interest on their third album, We Are A&C. The duo has been praised in their home of Holland as musical geniuses and you can hear how creative they are with this record. Combining musical influences from around the world, this record contains a little soul, German electro, Bacharach-horned ballads, hyper-Euro dance pop and Parisian-style lounge. "5th Dimension" sounds like a futuristic take on the Stone Roses, with an Ian Brown impostor and everything. The title track is a boring slab of laid back hip-hop that sounds preposterously reminiscent of the Beta Band's "Beta Band Rap." With the exception of the perverse Add N To X-isms of "Dirty Robot," nothing really stands out as extraordinary on this record. Two years back, their take on cute Japanese pop (Look Up All-In) was humorous and worth a listen, but now their focus is lost. The schizophrenia behind this record is what ruins all of the fun. While kudos go out to them for their ability to create so many different sounds, it becomes hard to enjoy a record that never decides where it's going. (Emperor Norton)