Arkhon Infaustus Filth Catalyst

Osmose is a label on fire lately, what with killer extreme metal upstarts like Impiety and Axis of Advance calling the label home now. Arkhon Infaustus will appeal to fans of the aforementioned, offering eight sick tracks of raw, barbaric blackened death metal with Filth Catalyst. These guys play what is being foolishly called war metal, basically a stripped down, raw black/death hybrid, best exemplified by Axis of Advance. It's black metal without keyboards and wimpy elves, so it actually packs a punch, but it's also infused with a sort of antisocial, basement-dwelling, hardcore attitude; I mean, after listening to this album, you get the feeling these aren't the kinda guys you want to have afternoon tea with. But hey, this is war metal, I guess. No tea allowed. (Osmose)