Arkells "Can't Stop Thinking About You" (Tobias Jesso Jr. cover)

Arkells 'Can't Stop Thinking About You' (Tobias Jesso Jr. cover)
Tobias Jesso Jr. is all the rage these days, and now Arkells are paying tribute to their fellow countryman by covering his Goon cut "Can't Stop Thinking About You."

While the original tune was performed on piano, Arkells transform it into a folksy acoustic ditty, with a few background piano chords helping to enrich the arrangement as it develops. Beyond that, Arkells don't flip the script too radically, since they retain the simple, plaintive tone.

Arkells frontman Max Kerman said in a statement to Toronto radio station Indie88, "When I heard the Tobias record, I immediately got jealous. The chord-melodies and string arrangement are right up my alley. He's channelling all the '70s piano balladeers that I love so much. I think there is a real kinship in our songwriting, and dude's got nicer curls than me too. Might be a long lost cousin."

Hear it below.