Ark Caliente

Ark — the one man project of Guillaume Berroyer — makes funk for the future state. Berroyer started his career playing guitar in a ’80s funk band, and in the mid-’90s formed down-tempo electronic duo Trankilou with Pepe Bradock. Since then, he’s collaborated with Matthew Herbert, French tech-house artist Cabanne and LoSoul to name only a few. Caliente sounds like you’re listening to a fizzling-out radio connection broadcasting old soul records with a four-to-the-floor bass funk beneath fleeting snippets of spirit-raising commentary with a slight political bent — yet all with the utmost intricate attention and manipulation in the style of Akufen or Scott Herren. With guest vocals from Jamie Lidell and Xavier Vindard, there is a wide range of quirky lyrics from "To see God is to practice love” to "Where are my drugs muthafucka?” to the dance floor hit "I like the way your booty shakes, uh-huh.” (Perlon)