Ariel Pink's R. Stevie Moore Compilation Coming to Vinyl

Ariel Pink's R. Stevie Moore Compilation Coming to Vinyl
An Ariel Pink-curated compilation of material from prolific lo-fi hero R. Stevie Moore titled Ariel Pink's Picks Volume 1 has been floating around for a few years, but soon it will finally get a vinyl release courtesy of Personal Injury Records. It will arrive on January 6.

The label notes that this compilation's origins go back almost a decade, to Pink's My Molly EP, which came with a hand-drawn guide of his favourite RSM songs from each era. That same year, Pink sent Moore the final sequence for Volume 1, which was made up of 17 tracks from between 1973 and 1984.

The album finally emerged in 2011 and was released as a digital download and in a run of 100 cassettes through Laughable Recordings.

Most of these songs haven't appeared on other RSM comps. For 11 of the songs, this is the first time they've ever come to vinyl. All of the tracks have been remastered, and the album comes with a lyric sheet and liner notes.

The 17 songs are split across two LPs. There's a limited run of 500 copies on hot pink vinyl, plus a wider release on standard black.

Scroll past the tracklist below to stream the whole thing.

Ariel Pink's Picks Volume 1:

1. Mason Jar
2. Don't Be Ridiculous
3. She's Dead
4. Girl Go
5. Come My Way
6. Here Comes Summer Again
7. Father Goes
8. We're In Vietnam
9. My Bad Music
10. Right Perfume, Wrong Mouthwash
11. Benefit of the Doubt
12. The Winner
13. Cuss Me Out
14. I See Stars
15. Johna's Theme
16. Safe, Reliable and Courteous
17. No Zipper