Argy Focus On: Argy

Greek producer Argy has already had two very successful singles, the techno trance track "Unreliable Virgin” and the acid-tinged "Love Dose.” Focus On is his first full-length album and is a collection of collaborations with label-mates and likeminded producers Solomun, the Mole, Sydenham, DJ Gregory, Maral Salmassi and Bayoga. The CD version of this album is a mixed format, which lends itself well to Argy’s epic, progressive techno sound. This is unashamedly "big room” music, with hands in the air moments without being cheesy or over-the-top. My picks, apart from the two already successful singles that also happen to be included, are the pumping chords of Argy’s remix of Ryo Muraka’s "Down The Sky” and the groovy Sydenham remix of "1985.” There are a couple of tracks that fall flat but ultimately this is a strong techno release with a wide enough appeal to catch the ears of DJs playing harder house and deeper trance. (Poker Flat)