Arctic Monkeys Reveal Suck It and See Artwork

Arctic Monkeys Reveal <i>Suck It and See</i> Artwork
Up to this point, we've been pretty impressed with what we've learned about UK rockers Arctic Monkeys' upcoming album, Suck It and See. The first leak, "Brick By Brick", was a great garage banger, while we sort of tripped out on the psychedelic clip for "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair." The latest reveal is the album's artwork and, frankly, it's a bit dull.

As you can see above, it merely features the album title centred on a blank background. With such a vivid turn of phrase, they could have gone all out with this one, but instead they're letting the audience use their imaginations as to what they mean. Our take on the title? We're not quite sure. It's not the "suck" we're confused about, it's more the "it." What could "it" be?

As bland as the cover is, at least it isn't as offensively tacky as Lady Gaga's latest monstrosity.

As previously reported, Suck It And See comes out June 7 on Domino.