Archon Ouroboros Collapsing

ArchonOuroboros Collapsing
This is the sophomore full-length from NYC's Archon. Weaving together thick, heavy ropes of doom and sludge with psychedelic and stoner influences, the brainchild of Andrew Jude has made significant progress since their 2010 debut, The Ruins At Dusk. Archon is the ancient Greek work for "ruler," and the band certainly channel gravity and majesty on this latest release. Clocking in at a lordly, wallowing 47 minutes, Ouroboros Collapsing is unapologetically bleak and nihilistic. The atmosphere conjures the ceremonial vastness of a state funeral — collective grief both mirrored and contrasted by pomp and ceremony. The vocals, supplied by Rachel Brown and Chris Dialogue, are a high point, as both supply anguished cries that range from feral growls and piercing screams to clean singing. "Worthless" and "Desert Throne" are highlights, displaying both versatility and violence. While the tones are often fat, usually distorted and always unbearably heavy, the emotional core of Ouroboros Collapsing — unrelenting hopelessness — shines clear as a diadem through the drone and dust. (The Path Less Traveled)