Architecture in Helsinki Return with Moment Bends

Architecture in Helsinki Return with <i>Moment Bends</i>
It's been nearly four years since Aussie eclectics Architecture in Helsinki delivered an LP of unpredictable indie pop. That will change on May 3, as the group return for follow-up Moment Bends.

The album promises to be just as fun as past Architecture in Helsinki releases, as a press release calls it "a dialogue with the dance floor" that's "equal parts Italia '82, California '79 and Melbourne 2011, glued together with a dynamic bounce and a compelling romanticism."

The band recorded it in their practice space over a two-year period and the results are "hook-laden, magnetic and lush." It reportedly offers the "fizzing immediacy of its three predecessors" but with a "more sophisticated touch." This includes the track "That Beep," which was released as a single back in 2008.

The 11-song collection was made with Australian composer Francois Tetaz, who signed on as co-producer and mixer. According to Architecture in Helsinki songwriter Cameron Bird, "Moment Bends was all about being at one with our ideas, obsessed with popular music and falling in love with our hometown. We wanted to build a record to get lost in. A record that always feels exactly what you are feeling."

Prior to the North American release on May 3 via Cooperative/Downtown, the album will come out in Australia on April 8 via Modular and in Europe on April 11. See the tracklist below and the album cover above.

Moment Bends:

1. "Desert Island"
2. "Escapee"
3. "Contact High"
4. "W.O.W"
5. "Yr Go To"
6. "Sleep Talkin'"
7. "I Know Deep Down"
8. "That Beep"
9. "Denial Style"
10. "Everything's Blue"
11. "B4 3D"