Architects Lost Forever // Lost Together

ArchitectsLost Forever // Lost Together
Compromise is a word rarely mentioned in heavy music, at least not in a positive light, whether it be compromising integrity (read: the dreaded "selling out") or losing the aggressive side of a band's sound in favour of something more (gasp) melodic. However, in the case of Architects' sixth album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, compromise is exactly what the band needed.

Following a journey through wishy-washy, soft post-hardcore territory two albums ago, the British band peppered its follow-up with forced heavy parts that didn't work that well, likely to appease disgruntled fans. Their latest finds them embracing the sweet middle ground between their early technical metalcore and their polarizing tamer side. The result is somewhere between Northlane and Thrice, as the band bring in ethereal post-rock elements similar to what Bring Me the Horizon did on their latest. "Gravedigger" could be the best metalcore opener in recent memory, with its driving chorus contrasting its bouncing breakdowns.

While more tumultuous moments, akin to The Dillinger Escape Plan-leaning lead single "Naysayer," would help bridge the gap between crushing and calm, ultimately Lost Forever // Lost Together could be the start of a new era for Architects, defining their sound from here on out. Despite its title, these Brits find themselves with their most diverse offering yet, a culmination of their career's work to this point. (New Damage)