Archipel Musique Launches New Conceptual Sub-Label

Archipel Musique Launches New Conceptual Sub-Label
Montreal-based eclectic electronic label Archipel Musique has announced plans for a new conceptually based sub-label that is expected to be launched in January 2012.

Many of the artists already a part of Archipel will contribute to the new label, which will be called Archipel Soundtracks. According to the announcement, a number of artists have already come forward to volunteer their skills for the project, including Jesse Somfay, Billy Dalessandro, Hubble, Cleymoore, Niederflur, the Automatic Message, Sven Laux, Time for Trees and Archipel's owner himself Pheek.

While more artists are expected to confirm their contributions to the project, Archipel maintains that Soundtracks will operate with a different focus in mind when compared with the sounds of Archipel Musique.

As the press release explains, "This new sub-label will have a special relation to photography and we'd love to get in touch with artists who would like to be a part of this project."

The release further explains that the musical philosophy behind the sub-label "will vary from deep techno to ambient music" and that listeners "can expect a very special twist from these sound adventurers."

More details about the label and its guidelines will be provided on Archipel's website over the coming months.